26 February 2019

For Immediate Release


Lae, Papua New Guinea

The ICTSI South Pacific, through its Lae operator, South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT) was proud to inaugurate the Malahang Police Station today, Tuesday, 26 February 2019.

Built at a cost of K400,000, the Malahang Police Station is the result of a public-private partnership between the ICTSI Foundation in Manila, Ahi Hope Foundation in Lae, the Member for Lae, Hon. John Rosso, as well as the Lae City Authority.

With ongoing law and order concerns negatively impacting public commute and general safety, Police Commissioner Gary Baki signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ahi Foundation in 2012, for local youths from the surrounding area and the Ahi villages of Wagang, Tanga, Butibam and Hengali to be recruited and trained in the Police Reserve so they can serve under the Police Central Command to keep the peace in the Malahang area.

Shortly after taking office in 2017, Hon. Jon Rosso and Ahi Hope Foundation entered into discussions to build the Malahang Police Station. Their request for financial support to ICTSI Foundation in Manila was looked upon favourably so the MOA signing with groundbreaking ceremony for this project was done in February 2018. There were additionally months for the construction phase because there were necessary design modifications to include a Women’s Desk to encourage female survivors of domestic violence come forth and file complaints. Said design revision had cost implications. ICTSI South Pacific believes in the advocacy to protect women so an additional 60% funding to the original project was approved. After securing building board approvals and permit, construction got underway and was completed on 14 January 2019.

The Malahang Police Station now stands with, a cell block and this support has been further strengthened with two brand new Police vehicles donated by ICTSI at a cost of K400,000.

The SPICTL employees living in the Malahang area as well as the Ahi villages and the community at large have expressed deep appreciation for this corporate gesture, showing a commitment to good corporate citizenship, and the government for their commitment to maintaining peace and order.

ICTSI South Pacific CEO, Anil Singh said, “At ICTSI South Pacific, we are committed to ensuring that we improve our customer experience. However, this goes hand in hand with empowering the communities within which we operate and working in collaboration with the government to bridge the gaps. We might be a new player in Papua New Guinea, but I want to ensure our stakeholders that our operations here goes beyond our business objectives as we equally want to contribute to the development of our impacted communities.”