Dear Valued Customers,

Effective 1 February 2021, customers are advised that both South Pacific International Container Terminal Limited (SPICTL) & Motukea International Terminal Limited (MITL) will adopt revised Non-Regulated Tariffs and Terminal Services Standard Trading Conditions (“Standard Terms & Conditions”).
Since the start of operations in 2018, we have managed to absorb inflation and increasing costs through efficiencies and productivity improvements, but the additional increases in fixed and variable costs are now forcing us to perform a slight adjustment to our tariffs in order to continue providing value-adding service to customers and the cargos moving in and out of Papua New Guinea.

Upon commencement of operations in 2018, ICTSI has devoted resources in the modernization of terminal operations in PNG and has committed significant investments in new equipment, new technology and training to upskill nationals.
Amongst the benefits of these investments, we can record reduced port stay for international vessels calling into our terminals, faster truck turnaround time inside terminals’ premises and more in general faster and safer exchange of cargo.
In 2021 and following years, ICTSI will continue with heavy investments such as new Ship to Shore Cranes in Lae, additional berth and yard equipment in both SPICTL and MITL to upgrade our services, significantly improve productivity and efficiency in Lae and Motukea and enable ICTSI to service bigger vessels with bigger volumes and elevate PNG standards to the highest in the world.

New tariff items have been introduced to respond to new operational realities and to promote transparency of costs and ease of doing business with new services being offered by the terminals. Other items have been added to promote efficiencies and drive upward the performances of all the stakeholders in the supply chain. Finally, some tariff items have been reduced to promote trade and to align with common industry practice worldwide.

This minimal revision allows SPICTL & MITL to remain competitive in the market, whilst continuing to provide shipping lines and shippers with leading service levels in PNG.
SPICTL & MITL deliver a leading global standard in modern container terminal design, innovation and operations. With a commitment to delivering a world class service and continuously improve performances, SPICTL & MITL continue to improve systems to ensure greater efficiencies for both landside and shipside operations.

Please contact SPICTL & MITL should you wish any clarification.

Kind Regards,
ICTSI South Pacific Management