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In 2016, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) amended the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) convention Chapter VI, Regulation 2, Paragraph 6 indicating that all shippers must verify and provide the gross mass of a packed export container prior to vessel loading, and the weighing equipment used to verify the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) must meet certification and calibration requirements. The VGM is used by the vessel and terminal operators to arrange for safe vessel stowage plans. The amendment was adopted to increase safety and reduce the dangers to cargo, containers, ships and all stakeholders involved. Therefore,
estimated weight is not permitted and represents a violation of SOLAS regulations.


During recent months South Pacific International Container Terminal (SPICT) & Motukea International Terminal (MIT) have used their certified weighbridges to weigh full export containers and for most of these, the weight was found to have been under-declared. This poses a great risk to the safety and security of all operators involved in the shipping process, from truckers, to terminal operators, to shipping lines.

ICTSI South Pacific is supportive of all IMO initiatives and regulations and is committed to ensuring the safety of people, cargo and vessel. Therefore, effective April 1, 2021 SPICT & MIT will implement a “No Certified VGM, No Load” policy, ensuring that the final load lists only include full export containers with a certified VGM, while those without will not be loaded. SPICT & MIT offer customers the service of “Certified VGM”: containers will be weighed with calibrated and certified equipment and the certified VGM will be issued to the Shipping Line and the Shipper.

All export full containers entering terminals’ premises without a certified VGM will be weighed and the “Certified VGM” Fee will be applied according to tariff.
All export full containers entering terminals’ premises with a certified VGM provided by an entity other than MIT or SPICT will also be weighed and if any weight discrepancy is found, the VGM of the container provided by the terminal will be used for the final stowage plan. In this event, a “VGM misdeclaration” Fee will be applied along with the standard “Certified VGM” Fee.

SPICT and MIT deliver a leading global standard in modern container terminal design, innovation and operations. Committed to delivering a world class service and continuously improve performance, SPICT & MIT continue to improve systems to ensure safety and greater efficiencies for both landside and shipside operations.
Kindly find attached brochures in English and Tok-Pisin with all relevant information. Please contact SPICT & MIT for any clarification.



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